Building a Home!

Women are hard to impress! That my dear friends, is a ‘fact’ in the bird world. Ask any male bird. You will find not only their appearance appealing but also most of them have a unique trait. For example, a peacock any day looks grand and beautiful (sorry handsome) than a peahen. The best time to observe this impressive bird is during the monsoons where they spread their delicate colourful feathers and dance in the rain to impress the ‘Miss’. Then there are birds who can sing well, imitate sounds and dance as a way to make themselves stand out. Basically… everything boils down to a tough competition between the males which is a mandate. If this wasn’t enough, they have to exhibit their ability to build a cozy space as well.

The labor that goes into making a comfy space… aah… It’s just crazy! Watch a bird do that and you will know. Its drains off their mental and physical strength (and I have witnessed this). Staying sane and strong at the end is nothing less than a miracle. For us, building a nice space isn’t that excruciating…physically! We just hire someone (except for a few people who opt to build on their own).

Red Whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus Jocosus)

For a male bird, everything starts off by selecting a ‘spot’. Then comes the hunt for the raw essentials. One by one, the male bird picks up the best piece of a dried branch and builds a strong, stable and elegant structure (can you imagine the countless flights he makes for this?) With that done, it’s a waiting game. The patience, sincerity and efforts are put to test and before you know it… a ‘Mrs’ is already in!

If only I had a vehicle! 

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