Together, forever!

Here is a correction… it’s not the ‘family that eats together, stays together!’ It’s actually the ‘family that naps together, stays together!

Umm, well I didn’t come up this with this people. Yesterday when I came across this family, I wondered what is it that they are doing. From where I stood, I could barely see their face. They looked like my family in front of the T.V., gobbling up on the snacks and bickering a bit (on any random topic) during advertisements. The only difference was instead of the television, these cormorants stood still, basking themselves in the winter sun while some of the members including their neighbour (an egret) squabbled in between (probably for the main spot).

A closer (cropped image) look
Another family at the lake

As I watched them in silence, my husband’s words kept popping in my head. During our dating days he once said that the best things in life are always free… and these cormorants were a testament to his words. The pleasures of being in your own world, least bothered about the trivial issues of life and enjoying every bit of your life was my takeaway from the afternoon with them. On that note, have a wonderful, fun filled weekend everyone! As for me, I might head out in search of something new again. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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