This or That

How often do we all say, ‘if only I had a choice, I would have done this or done that?’ It’s like a supreme power that lets you decide on what you want to do. But when we find ourselves in between choices, we often ponder. What to do? What should I pick? Where do I go? What should I do or perhaps, what would he/she would do? Too many questions start popping in your head and something easy becomes complicated.

This dilemma of a choice is something I often face but watching another life form experience the same (for a short span), was fascinating. Surrounded by flowers on a tree, this little male flew from branch to the other to draw the best nectar. While he was in pursuit, a bee flew above him and that’s all it took to grab his attention. He watched the bee for a few seconds as if he was thinking at that point if I should continue having my sticky drink or have a crunchy snack. Well, the inevitable happened quickly (which was no surprise). Like most of us who would opt for a fried chicken over boiled veggies, he made sure the bee never saw another flower again before making a victorious landing next to a fully bloomed flower for a drink.

Cropped image for a close-up

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