Boss is my Middle Name

Hello Everyone!

Ever since I forayed into photography, I have made a huge list of all the gorgeous animals and birds I would like to capture in my camera. It’s a different thing that I don’t end up finding most of them but that still doesn’t halt me from clicking what I do find. For today, I would like to share a common resident of my city – Parrots!

Years back when I was in Bhopal, I had my first encounter with these tiny green birds. I used to sit with my dog in the garden, staring at the trees (especially the neem tree) for a long-long time, watching them fly from one branch to the other, plucking and eating the fruits. They always had our attention but getting close to one of them was impossible. Our affair remained short and sweet as we had to shift to another city where the only birds I always saw were crows and pigeons. But that is all in the past now. These green beauties are much like the ‘common crow’ in Bangalore. I find them almost everywhere in my side of the city and Ms. Boss was one such special lady who knew how to mark herself red amid a family of greens.

Being small and beautiful were not her only traits. She seemed like a little monkey trapped in a parrots body. Why? Ok, when I started observing her first, she was a poised lady, silently perching on a tree exhibiting politeness and basic etiquettes. Little did I know, the silence was her weapon to scan her surroundings – her family, friends and luxury spots to perch. It was a way of checking if some other birdie was getting the attention instead of her and if that birdie was enjoying all the praises, love and games instead of her. The minute she found one, she would fly down to her target, flap her wings, make her voice heard loud and clear, give her opponent a cold glare, turn her neck to say Who the hell do you think you are? and push that bird out of the picture.

Ms. Boss giving a warning!

If she was left alone, she would again fly down to the birds, poke them with her head, brush her red beak against theirs and start conversing. The bottom line, she did everything to ensure that she was in action even if the others were interested or not. They just had to comply with her. This mischievous cycle of troubling others went on for a while till she decided to call it a rest for her afternoon nap.

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