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Hello Everyone! This week has started and like many of us, I too have troubles waking up on Mondays to work and strike off everything on my checklist. May be that’s why I prefer sharing a flower picture to kickstart the week as it symbolises positivity, happiness and whole lot of enthusiasm. I thought of doing the same thing today, but for some reason when I was going through the folders, I found this duck in an ‘Attention’ mode ordering me to share his/her picture. It felt like the Nun from my school was standing in front of me with a stick in her hand, warning me…. ‘Quit the bickering and get to work. There are no Monday blues but a Lazy You who is always coming up with excuses to hit the bed and snore under the blanket once again.’ What do you think?


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Post Me

  1. Hi Buddy, I found your comment narration enjoyable more than the pic

    Duck standing in attention = Nun standing with stick. 😆


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