Round and Round!

Hello Everyone!

The past three days have been incredible. Two of my friends from Chennai had visited me and I took them on a tour to my favourite place in Bangalore – Lalbagh!

Words cannot describe how much I love this beautiful garden. It’s a heaven in the middle of a bustling city which houses one of the worst traffic…ever! It’s ‘literally’ an oasis for nature people who can’t travel to the hills for some silence to find that ‘my’ time. Probably that’s why missing out a single day can leave you sleep deprived. I have got accustomed to this part of the city way too much. So, it was no surprise that I would drag both my pals here to witness some rich organic life.

There are lot of things you can do and see at Lalbagh. As a dedicated guide, I made sure that we covered every part of the garden. We first circled the calm lake, watched their natives fishing and flying, studied their names and characteristics, then headed to the rose gardens to sit on the bench and inhale the fresh fragrance emanating from the bright collection of roses, chit-chatted on the history, posed like models for a few pictures, and then turned photographers for the gorgeous flowers at the centre of the garden and at the flower show. Time passed off so quickly and it was the photographer role, we all enjoyed the most. To celebrate the short time we spent here, I would like to share one of my captures from the flower show. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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