Word of Advice

Hello Everyone!

Interpretation can be a tricky affair. It can be simple or complex, and all of it depends on your state of mind and the environment surrounding you. When I shot this ‘not so good’ picture, I too had my own interpretation. I pictured the old flower sharing words of wisdom to the new flower just like how my mom always advices me on ‘n’ number of things.


Here’s what I think the oldie shared with the newbie (including me):

“In life, and almost every day you will come across numerous obstacles thrown by known or unknown sources. You will get shocked and dejected and might find it difficult to overcome this betrayal or harm. The only person who will get affected is you. While the other person enjoys their success (of destroying your strength, confidence and peace of mind), you will close all doors and turn to the darkness of your life. So stop! Stop feeling sad about it. You will be hurt. You will feel humiliated and embarrassed too. It’s understandable because we are afterall just humans with tons of emotions. Give yourself a few minutes or a day to cope up with the events, and don’t carry them forever.

 How you deal with your lingering feelings of remorse, betrayal and lower self-confidence or anything that hinders your happiness depends ‘solely’ on you. So, stay calm! Think rationally! Shut all those feelings and anyone or anything responsible for taking your shimmer away. Find your purpose and focus on all the rights means needed to achieve it and spread your positive fragrance as much as you can, whenever you can, wherever you can because at the end of the day… Life is too short, and we only get one shot at it!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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