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Don’t you all think that owning a home is nothing less than a dream. It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. It just has to be a warm place, packed with those who complete and cherish you. It should be a place where you get closer to your better half, build a family, transfer family traditions and strengthen relationships. It should be your go-to, your comfort zone after a busy day at work. But finding or building this dream home isn’t that easy. It comes with a lot of hard work, patience and determination. By the time you couple these attributes with tons of research to find ‘that’ suitable locality to raise your young, you get exhausted. That’s what happened with this young pair of sunbirds.

Purple Rumped Sunbird_Female
Tree Hunting

Sometime back, I met ‘Perchie’ and ‘Minchie’ on a typical Indian summer. It was Perchie’s chirp that got me hooked and I paid full attention to his activities. He was so tiny (unlike the large birds that I usually encounter). He moved from one branch to the other, changing sides, looking up and down, rubbing its petite beak on the wood, before moving to the next tree to repeat the same drill. I guess he was looking for a sign of life… a bit of greenery to protect him against the harsh weather and predators. But all he could find was the same kind of scene. Most of the trees had lost their green carpet and the sun was cruelly sucking all the moisture out of the dry branches and Perchie, who was now out of energy.

Purple-rumped sunbird_Female
Minchie looking at Perchie

Watching him was sad. If it’s hot, all I have to do is switch on the fan or may be take a shower but for him…things were not that easy. He was so determined to find a home while Minchie perched close by, waiting for his instructions. But like they say… nothing is easy in life and nothing is free. His will power was overpowered by nature’s harshness and he stayed still on a branch for a while. Maybe he was contemplating that time about something… like… ‘No matter what, I will not give up’, ‘Why me?’, ‘Give me a break’ and so on… I could easily relate to Perchie in so many ways. In all this, the good thing was he wasn’t alone. His partner joined in, and they exchanged a few chirps, brushed eachother’s beaks as a sign to say, ‘As long as we are together, everything will be fine’ and flew away together to find a new beginning elsewhere.

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