Was this their discussion?

Marv: Not again dumb ass! Didn’t I tell you that it was a bad idea to steal Kevin’s butterfly? Bad, bad decision!

Henry: Ye, ye… I don’t care about him. The butterfly had my name written all over it. So, what if I snatched it from his beak? It was yum and tasted buttery. So, big deal!

Marv: Big deal? Have you lost your mind?

How can you say this? The word has spread far and wide that you have robbed his delicious catch and now you will never be allowed in the tree of heavenly flowers. Moron!

Henry: Life is short buddy. Either you take the risk, or you don’t. And puhlzzz, I had to teach him who’s the boss around here and the king of every girl’s heart.

Marv: There you go with your hallucinations again. Have you noticed your surrounding? This place is hell!

Henry: I will be out man! Don’t worry about me. When I come out this time, I’ll make sure to teach Kevin a hard lesson. I’ll start by taking Lisa away from him for getting me cuffed and thrown behind these rusted green bars.

Marv: Oh… for heaven’s sake, please don’t do this.

Henry: Like I asked you for your opinion…

Marv: Oh wow!!! Talking to you is like banging your head against the tree. Listen man, earn things with respect. Stealing food was one thing but stealing someone’s girl, is just despicable.

Henry: Whatever! Enough with the lecture.

Marv: Forget it, there is no point in talking to you. After spending a few hours here, you will now know what you are going to miss for the rest of your life. And yes, this is the last time you will hear from me unless you apologise to Kevin. Till then, let’s be strangers. Ciao!

Henry: Ciao and never come back! Loser!

At the ‘Prison for Butterfly Thieves’
Getting closer for giving a golden advice only to be thrown out

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