When Pups Pose!

Dogs are incredibly smart, attentive, curious little bundles of joy. They are loyal, trustworthy, kind, loving, caring, gentle, mischievous, fun loving and dependable at all times. They communicate with their sniffs, their curled tails and deep eyes that can peek into your soul. They turn your lonesome life into a bond of togetherness and melt your depression with their light and adorable antics. It doesn’t matter if it is an expensive breed or a stray; they are one of the best gifts given to mankind. Let me take you through an encounter with a family of stray pups that can vouch for everything I’ve just said!

On a beautiful January morning, I came across five puppies basking on the moist grass. With their mom away, these pups were busy involved in their ‘puppy’ activities, until one of them saw me sitting close by. He approached me like a detective. With his eyes locked on me, he first sniffed my legs. Here’s something you need to know. When a dog sniffs, its ticklish especially if his nose is wet and he exhales that cool winter air on your skin. He circled around me twice and placed his front paws on my lap much like Julius Caesar who said ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. He moved his tiny face towards mine to sniff it for a few seconds before smearing layers of saliva on it.

Our little interaction continued for a few seconds. With my one hand wiping off the slimy coat, the other hand was busy rubbing his belly. Watching this soon got the attention of the other pups and our two’s company turned into a party of woofs and bow-wows. There was a lot of gentle pulling and biting of each other’s tails, climbing over the other only to tumble like Humpty Dumpty and then rolling like dice on the grass. They displayed their acrobatics and martial arts with full grace and energy for a few minutes before taking a break.

While the pups napped, one of them wore his modelling paws on and posed like a pro for a magazine. He barked, angled his face, rolled his eyes in different directions, altered his posture and did everything a top-notch model would have done. His inherent ability to display emotions and his organic love for the camera made me understand why people say ‘Talent can be found anywhere’ and ‘You are born with it’. And isn’t it true? Humans or Pups, no one can teach you a skill. We all are born with it. How we identify this flair, condition it and use it to the fullest depends on only our ability to make the right choice. As for this pup, I think he just got cast in a home movie titled ‘When pups go pro’ (releasing shortly). Until then, here are some pictures from that day. Enjoy! 🙂

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