Favs from my Adda

Happy World Environment Day 2018 everyone! πŸ™‚

It’s been exactly a year since my first post on this day. Now many of us have our reasons to write. This could be personal or professional. Irrespective of the case, I feel that there is always a motivation or an inspiration driving a person (including myself) to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences with a crowd of unknown faces.

For me, it began in 2008. I got associated with a number of environment-related activities. Besides the β€˜group’ based deeds such as planting trees and saving Olive Ridley turtles every year, I have consciously implemented a number of lifestyle changes such as growing herbs and vegetables at home, avoiding plastics, carrying a cloth or jute bag for shopping, segregating waste accordingly, using some of the wet waste for composting, reducing food and water wastage and applying organic products in the kitchen and dressing room as much as possible in my life to make the environment healthy in my own little way. But am I going to take a picture of my personal changes and share it? No! Not really!

So what can I share? Hmm!Β Β After contemplating on a number of ideas, last year around this time, I sat down and scrolled through the folders on my laptop for some pictures (actually good pictures) that had a story. One folder led to the other in cycles eventually resulting in the birth of Fotoplore. Since I have always loved nature and its interesting dwellers (minus some of the scary bugs), I promoted myself from an eco-friendly ordinary woman to an amateur photographer cum β€˜birds and animals stalker’ (the latter being an apt description of who I am). Heading out with a camera, finding something intriguing, capturing it in my lens, researching about my capture online and then sharing about it with everyone has now become an addiction. It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold or if it is cloudy or raining, I enjoy a great amount of my time trying to get acquainted with the subject on the other end of my camera.

For this World Environment Day, I can confidently vouch that I have matured as a responsible person, with a better understanding, respect and approach towards protecting our polluted environment and its diminishing inhabitants. With countless pictures of the latter at different seasons, I would like to share someΒ of theΒ All-Time Favorites captures of the shy residents in my neighbourhood (adda) as my final instalment for this weeks WPC. I hope you enjoy it. πŸ™‚

Monkey on branch 1
Walking over a twisted path
Indian Cormorant
Fish for the soul
BK on a Tree
Stop checking me out
Building a healthy bod
KF 1
Snake 1
A slithering encounter
Flying solo
Black Kite
Unhappy with the morning bathing ritual
Myna 1
By Myself
The black dessert
The ‘not so tasty’ bite
A failed close-up

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Favs from my Adda

  1. Amazing shots all round, VJ. All of time are very crisp and well timed. That monkey looks very agile, so focused on climbing that doesn’t look like he noticed you πŸ™‚ I also like the Be Myself shot. That bird looks very determined, and also a bit angry, like someone disturbed him or woke him up from sleeping.

    Taking care of the environment is such an important thing to do, and you share a very important message. I also try to segregate waste accordingly, and some things which I can recycle, I will recycle. If I have a plastic bag, I won’t throw it away but will try to reuse it πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much Mabel πŸ™ 😊 I am so glad you liked the pictures 😊 You are right about the πŸ’. He didn’t seem to be bothered about anything in the world. I also like your interpretation of the birds emotion. I went back to see it again myself… πŸ˜‚ i remember this little one hiding in that spot for a long time. 😊
      I am so happy that you too care about our environment. It feels great and really nice to know that you too are doing the same thing in a different part of our beautiful planet. I hope our environment becomes pollution and plastic free soon one day.
      Thank you so much once again for the appreciation 😊


      1. Each of your shots tell a story, and I really do like each of them. Maybe that bird might have seen you earlier and was not happy that you were spying on him πŸ˜‚

        We all need to do our part for our environment. Here in Australia supermarkets will no longer be giving out single use plastic bags. It saddens me we have to come to this measure (after all, I do use the free plastic bags for my rubbish bins). More education and hopefully we will all be more aware of our actions on the environment.

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      2. Hehe I guess you are right πŸ˜‹ it’s fun watching them. I have been observing and photographing a lot of birds and they seem to be an expert at posing and expressing their emotions 😊 sometimes they are very much like us.
        One example I can remember of is when I was photographing a kite. It felt itchy. So he started scratching himself. But what was new for me was that he closed his πŸ‘€ and enjoyed that feeling when you scratch like how we do.
        Thats a great start. In my city, plastics are banned everywhere. They give out paper bags or cloth bags. But a lot of people carry their own cloth bag for any kind of shopping. At home too we use a lot of steel utensils for cooking and steel or glass containers for storage.
        Like you said, education is the key to make people more aware and hopefully within the next ten years our environment will be much better. 😊

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