Just a type

Did you know that there are many types of Dahlia? I always thought they were of a single kind, basically round in shape and large in size with curved petals of different colours joined together. That was the image I was imprinted with from my very first encounter at the Botanical garden, Ooty.

Then came the Chennai days. I did see a Dahlia or two once and that too in a bouquet. The hot and sultry weather made it impossible to grow this beautiful plant at home and that’s why I could understand why we didn’t have this and the other ‘popular’ flowering plants in the parks or gardens. Now that I am in a Dahlia friendly city, I have seen this dainty flower up-close many times in various types. So for today’s flower of the week, I would like to share this gorgeous Figaro Red Dahlia, which I had captured a few months back at Lalbagh.

Red Dahlia

Thanks for stopping by and wish you a fun weekend! 🙂

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