Why its my favourite

It’s WPC final post All-Time Favorites. It’s amazing how attached I am with WPC. Every Thursday morning I would log into WP to check the challenge of the week and get all geared up. Either I check my repository for any relevant image or simply head out of my mundane lifestyle to capture something new. Posting my findings with everyone became a healthy habit and personally I felt really good because I was amidst people who shared the same frequency as me and I felt I was improving my skills as a photographer as well. It’s truly disappointing now that we will not be having this wonderful platform to share and connect with others easily. I hope they come up with something new for all of us. Till then, I would like to share my first instalment of my favourite pictures.

Buzzing around a favourite flower

This picture is special for me. It’s one of the first few pictures of a Dahlia I had captured and my first with a bee buzzing around it.

Pink Dahlia1
A pink Dahlia

What’s special about this beauty is that I had spent close to a week with it. I would wake up early every day and head to the local park to see the various stages of this Dahlia’s growth. And when it finally bloomed, I was so thrilled to see the outcome.

Dicolored Croton
A dicoloured croton

I shot this croton on the way to the Butterfly Park and fell in love with its colour. When I came home, I thought of posting this as it is with its green background but I opted for selective colouring simply because I wanted to show the beauty of this plant.

Wild waterplant
Standing solo

This is another favourite photo I had taken last year near a lake in the outskirts of my city. What’s special about this is that it was my first time seeing this plant and second, I was lying on the wet mud to get an image at eye level.

A local bloom

Now this one is close to me… like really close because its from my mini garden. It took a long time for this hibiscus plant to grow. I was doubtful that this one would survive because of a fungal infection which had spread everywhere, leaving it dull and almost dead. After a lot of care and regular medication, this beauty did survive giving out beautiful flowers every now and then.

Orange Hibiscus
An Orange Hibiscus

This is another hibiscus making it to my fav list. This one was again one of my first’s and I absolutely fell in love with the Orange colour.

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