The Face of Shame!

Just when this guy thought Yeap… it was worth stealing my neighbours worm’, despite the several pleas by his friend who constantly chirped ‘don’t’ do this… don’t do this buddy’, he was caught! Red handed! Not just by his neighbour but a human who had captured his shameless act in her camera.

Oriental White Eye_B_W
When your friend advices – Crime never pays buddy – Leave the worm!

Realising this, he should have been consumed by a Guilty conscious. He should have apologised to his neighbour, and perhaps got him a new worm. Instead, what does this birdie do?

Oriental White Eye Guilty
Still visible

He covered his face with his wings (as if nothing had happened), quickly scanned for the nearest exit and puff… flew away leaving a hungry victim to fetch for a new worm.

Note: Thanks Daily Post for inspiring me to write! I will truly miss participating in the Daily Prompts and all the Weekly Photo Challenges 😦

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 This is my second entry to this WPC: Twisted

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