Over a twisted path

Meet this little guy I met a few months ago. On a regular evening, this one decided to go solo for a while to have his ‘alone time much like his distant relatives – ‘us. He ignored the games of his playmates and the possibilities of getting a potential girlfriend, jumped from one tree to another till he found the perfect spot (like Sheldon) in the arms of a tree overlooking the lake.

Monkey on branch 2

A couple of minutes had passed and that didn’t seem to bother him. He just sat idle for a long time. He kept looking ahead, watching the rays falling over the lake, and feeling the gentle breeze stroking its trimmed fur now and then. He also took intermittent breaks to munch the fresh greens. Seeing him left me puzzled and come up with a number of questions and Assumptions. For instance, I wondered what he ‘a monkey’ could possibly think of? Was he contemplating about the ups and downs of his life? Was he wondering why on earth was he born as a monkey and not as a bird? Was he thinking about the little joys he experienced in his life like biting a juicy mango every summer, the grooming sessions with his mom and aunts, the endless games with his siblings and friends, or the ‘gyan’ sessions with his grandparents or the elders of his family? Was he comparing his younger careless days with the current and the competitive future? Was he reminding himself that the sun shines after the scary night and no matter how hard his life is, no matter how Twisted his path seems, that he will have a better day as long as he doesn’t lose hope or simply…. just simply was he worrying about the menu for tomorrow?

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8 thoughts on “Over a twisted path

    1. Thanks a lot 🙏 😊
      I felt the same and I think the more time I spend observing and photographing animals, I see a lot of similarities between us. They are just incredible 🤗


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