I am cute!

I haven’t posted anything recently on my furry neighbours, and I have been feeling guilty about it. You see…while some people have humans as neighbours, I have a family of squirrels for which I am grateful. We don’t communicate with each other verbally but our understanding makes reaching out to each other easy. How come you ask? Well, they share all the traits of a human neighbour. For example, they invade my balcony and kitchen often forgetting that its not a tree, they stand on their tiny feet with the ears and eyes locked in my direction (hoping that I am not around to catch them), they chew off every bud, every flower and steal the nuts kept outside for drying, they backbite every time I am around like a mother-in-law wondering when will this woman leave, they enrol in the blame game on missing their favourite bite and what not. The list is just endless!

With that being said, these four-legged residents are a joy to watch. It’s just difficult to get pissed at them. Imagine! It’s the weekend. Post a heavy lunch all you want to do is have a comfortable nap. You lie on your bed, switch on the fan and close your heavy eyes to slip away in a heavenly dream. Everything seems perfect when…. when you are suddenly awakened by a call. It’s an unstoppable loud voice of one squirrel bickering to another. Either they are playing or fighting or even trying to get a mate… who knows? The point is, instead of sleeping, they decide to ruin your dream. You try to lift yourself to shoo them but are too tired. Still, you walk outside and spot the noisy one. You try to calm it down but instead get calmed. In a matter of seconds, your sleep is out of your weekend routine and all you can think of is ‘what in the world are they doing?’, ‘let me just watch them for a while’. Without you realising, they successfully Infect their cute antics into your brain and you get all mushy. You are now stalled…stalled for as long as they are there.

Squirrel baby 1
It wasn’t me!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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