You are next!

Have you ever wondered why we hate…sorry dislike ‘the crocodile’ so much? Its one of the members of the wildlife fraternity our eyes just don’t want to lock with. Personally, I haven’t been a fan of this rugged reptile either. The first time I saw a croc, I was petrified. It was huge for my tiny size. Its static pose did a commendable job at instilling instant fear in me. It definitely did! The array of razor sharp teeth which it displayed back then, coupled with a cold glare signaled an unspoken warning. It was threat that said ‘Hey Kid, You are so next!’ Such was my understanding, which matured into an Unlikely relationship with the croc.

With my zoo days long gone, we met again. Twice! Our first meeting was at the Madras Crocodile Bank in Chennai (about which I will write soon) and it was average. Our second rendezvous however, was spot on! We came close, a bit too close at the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka. At this sanctuary, you can find n number of bird species ranging from little garden birds flying from one branch to the other, to the migratory birds busy nesting across the croc infested waters.

I didn’t know how I did it but I was like a kid on the loose. I wanted to get close. Period! The presence of crocs didn’t matter at that point. I had this intensifying urge to watch them, to watch everything around me for a long… long time. I wanted to admire every minuscule detail and bring home my captures of the day to show my mother. This place was my happy zone and I couldn’t wipe the constant smile and excitement from my face. With the crocs gliding silently around me, my so-called childhood fear vanished. Puff!!! Just like that! I clicked a couple of shots of them in groups and also of a special one who decided to pay me a close visit but this time I was the one who pulled the cards. I was the one who said ‘Buddy, you are next!

Croc 2
Ebony and Ivory

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

7 thoughts on “You are next!

  1. Did you say you are brave or crazy? Or are you so busy with your camera you fail to realize where you are? I know that happens, in February I was in the Mangrove in Mexico and turned around to find a huge croc about ten feet behind me. I love your photo and story.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by Maggie 😊 I am glad you liked both of them. I think I am a bit of both. 😊 may be it’s a combination you need to have for a a life time experience. ☺️ Your story sounds super interesting. A 10 feet croc…wow! What did you do then?


      1. Walking away slowly from the🐊 was a wise decision 👍 these guys are unpredictable and sneaky… I am glad you had a good and a safe experience Maggie 😊

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