An Unlikely Watch

It was last year. The monsoons had begun. My environment started transforming itself. The dull and dry trees had fresh green leaves sprouting all over them while the ground housed many frogs and other insects including man’s best enemy – the mosquito!

On one such regular day, when the clouds decided to take a break, I left for the local park near my home. My first stop was the lake. I looked for some of my camera shy friends. I went to all the spots where I had seen and captured them in my lens multiple times. Sadly, I didn’t find most of them. The water had risen and many of my regular models were now missing. I was upset. I wondered what had happened to them. Did they move to another place? Did they move to the park centre to avoid flooding? What happened to them? I spotted many cormorants but where did the herons and pelicans go? The curiosity was killing me. Till date, I haven’t seen many of them. The monsoons had devastated many homes and many of the park dwellers were now somewhere (hopefully alive).

After a long disappointed cycle around the lake, I found a two-legged headless bird perched on a branch. Spotting it wasn’t hard. It looked like an alien species surrounded by a green carpet of young leaves. From where I stood, that’s what it appeared as. To get a better look, I aimed my camera to Observe what it was and what in the world was it trying to do.

The Headless Alien

As it turns out, this little weirdo was actually stretching. The continuous rain had it locked to its branch. With the sun playing hide and seek, it was Unlikely that it would get another good chance to stretch and hit the sky before the rains poured again.

On the spot jogging
Voice testing – 1, 2, 3
1…….2…….3……. Lets flex
Pushing its ‘stretching’ limits
Yeap, ready to go!

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