A Chance Meeting

These days, I have gained a lot of interest in little birds. While I love watching the migratory birds that inhabit a lot of the water bodies near my home and city, these tiny-winged wonders have gained my attention. To find them, I packed my camera bag as usual, and headed to the local park near my home. After a tiring hunt, I came across a tree with a white-cheeked barbet (name unknown at that time) and two other birds of the same kind (name unknown at that time) plucking the ripe berries before vanishing into the arms of a nearby tree.

After coming home, I realized that I had taken only three pictures of this unknown bird. I had more pictures of the barbet (even though both were new to me). I delegated two tasks to myself – 1) Identify the bird and 2) Search and capture this bird on my next trip. Well, the first part was easy. I spent sometime surfing the net to find the common birds in my city/state/country. The second part of course was tough. It depended on luck (which I rarely have). After several trips to the local park, I did find this bird once again but failed to get a good picture. It just gave me all the more reason to keep trying till I get a closer look. Until then, here are my initial pictures of this magnificent bird – Red Whiskered Bulbul.

A quick look at me
Confused (about staying or flying off)
The Red-Whiskered Bulbul or Crested Bulbul on my second attempt

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