I’d rather be…

Listening to music, reading fiction, watching Korean dramas, feasting on junk food regularly, blogging occasionally… wow the list can go on and on. If I had to pick the best or the number one activity I’d rather do everyday, then its photographing wildlife.

Checking the camera settings (PC: a friend)

The world of photography is big and I am just another amateur needle in this haystack of exceptional photographers on a constant search for inspiration, perfection and endless education. Though my love for photography started at a young age, it is only now that I have I transformed this love to click wildlife and nature into action. I would often start my day by waking up early to avoid the city Noise, head out with my camera before the sun rises, locate the distinct sounds of birds communicating with each other, finding them either hunting, bathing, goofing around with their playmates, exercising by either flying or stretching, and finally locking their movements in my camera. In all this, if there is one expression visible on my face all the time, then it’s a big smile. I get to see them a bit closer and observe their behaviour while they notice me as well. So for this week’s challenge I’d Rather Be…, I would like to share some of the pictures photographed by me. Enjoy!

Trapping the fish in its pouch
Cormorants fighting
Fighting for the fish
BK scratching
The first time I noticed that birds close their eyes every time they scratch their body parts
Looking for company
Cormorant eating fish
Finally caught
Checking me out
Black Kite
Complaining about the morning bath
Great Blue Heron
Flying solo

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