A Day with Ms. Canna

Almost everyday, I have seen a group of gardeners working in sections in the local park near my home. I’ve always wanted to strike a conversation with one of them to know more about growing plants, but never did. So today, I went to catch up with a local gardener who was busy removing the weeds, dry leaves and watering the plants to get an insight on the care that goes into taking care of a delicate which has been in my visual dictionary.

Canna Lily Madeira

Since childhood, I have seen this flower in almost all the cities that we had moved to. Besides its Captivating beauty and the bright colours, I didn’t know anything about it until this morning. It was here that I got to know that this flower is called Canna Lily Madeira and that it’s not a native of my country. Growing and maintaining this plant is easy, as it requires moist soil and few hours of sunlight. But what she said was, ‘It’s not just the manual effort which makes a plant or any plant grow. We also put in a lot of love. We often share a few words with them while working on them. They are like babies that need to be talked to and pampered with affection so if you want to grow them in your garden, do the same. You will definitely see a healthy plant which signifies a happy plant.

In the morning with Canna Lily Madeira

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