Rise and Shine

“Waking up early always has its perks. You get to witness one of the best attractions nature can offer without having to pay a single penny.”

I kept telling this to myself last night before hitting the bed and setting my alarm to 4:45a.m. The weird thing was that I didn’t get any sleep probably because of the built up excitement. I kept checking the time on my phone and lifted my heavy self by the set time, and headed out as planned.

At 5:30 a.m. everything was still dark but I could see the changing colours in the sky. The silent place went alive with the chirping of birds and buzzing of all kinds of insects. It was an indication for me that the sunrise will happen shortly. As I walked near the lake, I found a family of Cormorants, Ducks and Egrets exchanging their morning greetings like any good neighbour before dunking their heads into the water for a quick bath. It was around that time, I took these pictures with the hope of getting some good silhouettes and noting down pointers in my tiny book on ‘things to set’ for the right image.

Against the Golden Orange Background
Bath time
Warm Up
A beautiful distant Egret hunting for breakfast
Just missed

Happy Weekend 🙂

Note: I would like to share this post on sunrise from last month for this weeks WPC Rise/Set  🙂

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