Hide and Seek

It was yesterday when I realized that a game of ‘hide and seek’ is funnier when animals and birds are involved. As I walked towards a growing tree, I found three friends (the common myna) busy chirping. Unaware of my presence, it appeared as if one of the birds was seriously dictating the rules and regulations of this game to the other two. Everything seemed smooth. I had an interesting scene in the process of unfolding ahead of me. In no time, I was consumed with immense excitement, constant smiling and a delighted conversation with myself. For many onlooker’s, I might have looked like a person in need of psychiatric help but it didn’t matter. My focus on the birds remained strong. Without trying to garner their attention and Compromise my proximity to the tree, I quickly aimed my camera towards the trio, observing their discussion for a few seconds through my lens till one of them spotted me. Puff!!!

Myna 5
You’re Caught!

What was I thinking? I asked myself! Did I think I am the cat that drinks milk with its eyes closed, believing that no one is watching it? May be! I had hoped to stay like the hidden treasure but that failed. One of the birds however seemed smarter than me. It moved its head left and down, and quickly flew to the next branch. It then hid itself (that’s what it thought) behind the green leaves, popping its head at intervals to check if I was still there. After a few seconds into this repeated action, the realization struck me. One, birds are actually funny and two; I was now a part of this game.

Myna 2
My turn to hide!
Myna 4
Myna 1
Ok, am out!
Myna 3
Is it my turn now?


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