Gripped by a Green Beauty!

Being confined to the four corners of my home has been a routine over the past few months. And every time I get an opportunity to head out, I always carry my constant companion in the hope of capturing something startling, something new for my lurking eyes and I wasn’t disappointed with my finding once again.

Let me give you a brief introduction to how I found this green beauty: It was an average day with patches of passing clouds and a gentle cool breeze hitting my skin now and then. I had been wandering for two hours without any Reservation on what to shoot for the day with my camera in hand and a heavy backpack. Tired and a bit thirsty, I was hell bent on carrying on with my hunt. As I was nearing the end of my saturation point, I stumbled into an average sized fruit-bearing tree with two varieties of birds I had never seen. Without scaring them, I went on a clicking spree. It was confusing because both looked absolutely beautiful and I had to capture them in my lens. It was challenging as well because they were tiny and swift. I had to alter the shutter speed and ISO to get a decent picture and to some extent I did manage to get something if not ‘wow’.

Green barbet 2
On the tree!

After transferring my day’s finding to my laptop and showing it to my critic (my husband who felt only the bird should have been in focus which I agree), I zoomed the little green bird first scanning every intricate detail on its body. It was a delightful moment for me but I had a task, a tricky task of finding its name. After multiple failed attempts on Google, my proud moment eventually came. Not only did I find that this little one is called a white-cheeked barbet, but also a small green barbet predominant in South India. Enjoy!

Green barbet1
Watching each other!

You can click here for additional information on this green beauty.

7 thoughts on “Gripped by a Green Beauty!

      1. I have successfully managed to drive many of them away… I guess after a frequent number of visits, they might get used to having me around them. Which reminds me… did that cute little stalker visit you again?


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