The Water or the Clouds?

I believe everyone has a secret place. A place where they can go when they want to be alone in life for a while or when they have been left alone in life. It’s a place where they can take off their ‘tension and stressed’ filled cap and put on a thinking cap. For me, it’s the waters of Marina – my best and oldest companion.

Fishermen in the early hours before sunrise

A pleasant surprise… While on a trip to Bangalore from Chennai, I came close to a dramatic view in the sky. Watching the clouds form and change colours in a matter of minutes was one of the best experiences I’ve had. But if I had to pick my favourite between them, i’d vote for the many trips on almost every other weekend to the beach when the world is fast asleep while the fishermen head towards the waters.

The Sun’s rays on the clouds
If only I could walk on it
The clouds reaching out to the setting sun

These pictures are in response to this weeks challenge: Serene


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