Nesting on a pot

Back in the good old Chennai days, I had seen many families grow in my balcony. The birds would come, scan the balcony, pick the pot of their choice to Nest and guard it in turns from other birds and us. They never felt intimidated by my mother or me. In fact they seemed fine with our presence and so did we. Though our balcony would turn into a smelly mess, the thought of these birds living with us brought us immense joy. Here are some of the Transformation pictures which I took over the course of many days without disturbing or scaring them.

The Mr and Mrs Pigoen
Mr. and Mrs. Pigeon
Nature’s Wonder
The babies/squabs
Waiting silently for food
Waiting for mom to bring back food
Watchful mom
Start of sibling rivalry
The start of sibling rivalry
Flying classes
In the air – Off they go

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