One of those ‘first’s’

Today was one of the weirdest days. We had to visit a temple in the outskirts of Bangalore. So I woke up at 5a.m., prepared breakfast, got dressed in our traditional attire and left home around 8a.m.

The drive to this temple located at a village was smooth and pleasant. It was mainly because in addition to the cloudy weather, both sides of the road were covered in stretches of green with a few ponds in between. We reached the venue in less than two hours and I could see a lot of preparations already going on. Few men were busy decorating the entire temple in flowers of different kinds and a few sat outside under a tree chitchatting about the mundane things of life. The women however were seated inside; exchanging giggles and glares as we stepped in. Across the temple, more than a hundred tiny lamps/diyas were placed on wet cow dung, which had to be lit after the main prayer. There was still a lot of time before the festivity so I went around the village to explore this quiet life away from the city.

 Here are some of my pictures taken from my old phone.


What I found weird? A lot actually! I am going to skip this part, as it’s a sensitive topic. When I saw what was happening, I couldn’t understand any of it. But then again, I am not an extremely religious or a superstitious person – never have and never will be. My divine interventions are restricted to offering a simple prayer to the almighty at home and occasionally at a temple, thanking them for all the good and bad experiences in life. This experience made me realise that we have a short life and a gigantic wall of learnings in life. So make the best and write the most of it.

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