The ‘furry’ Criminal

A regular late afternoon, an indecisive sky, a bloated stomach, an ever-ready camera and lots of time – combine them and you have me!

It was somewhere around 2p.m. when I finally decided to lift my heavy self to the local garden for a stroll. Being a weekend I knew there would be a lot of crowd but the previous days rain proved me wrong. I kept wandering to all my favourite spots to check on all its tiny natives. 20 minutes on and somewhere along the way, on a stretch of flowers, I found something odd and very disturbing. A heinous crime had occurred and I had to accept the responsible hat of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

Here are my findings:                                                                                                                     

On the beautiful sun kissed grass which mounted a gigantic tree outlined by an array of bright coloured flowers ranging from pinks, to yellows, to creams and so on – there were four to five irregular patches on the green carpet. These were none other than the butchered flowers. My first impression was ‘someone has devoured’ these flowers. From the stamen, to the carpel, to the stem – everything just vanished with the leftovers (in this case the petals) screaming for justice. As an amateur detective, I looked around for any other proofs till I spotted the felon looking in my direction and then heading towards its next victim. In a matter of seconds I saw the criminal enact the crime again – hopping into the stretch of flowers, scanning for the best one, biting the stem and running away with the trophy to a free spot to enjoy its juicy and colourful meal.

A blurred image of the culprit
Going for ‘Orange’ after the yellows and pinks
Trying to gulp at one shot
Realisation – A smaller bite for my tiny mouth is better
Taking a break to see if anyone is watching
Trying to use a shield to hide (Well, we all can see you buddy)
Umm, yum!
I wish I had more fingers


The final bite

To prevent any interruption from onlookers who kept saying ‘aaaaw – look at that, its so cute and so on’, I signalled them with the silence gesture and aimed my camera swiftly at the notorious ‘Ms’ or ‘Mr’. These captured images will be further used as evidence in the court of the ‘Crimes of the Furry Four’ and will not only re-emphasize ‘justice prevails’ but ‘I am a good detective’.

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