A Beach called Peace!

A gypsy’s life often has its perks. Growing up can be confusing because of the constant shifts in places, cultures and relationships. I never understood it then but now, I feel privileged and superior compared to many of my close associates who grew up in the same environment. The year 2000 was a big change for me. My mother had decided to finally settle down in the heart of Tamil Nadu – Chennai. It was here she introduced me to one of the best wonders of nature – the beach.

There are many beaches in Chennai but till date I have fond memories of the Marina beach. Post graduation I became a member of the corporate world (which was fun in the beginning). So after years of slogging 9-5, Monday thru Friday the only place which felt close to heaven was the beach. And to experience it, I would wake up at 4a.m., take a quick shower and wait for my friend who would come in her two-wheeler. We would then speed off at 70kmph on my scooter to reach Marina before 5:00/5:15a.m. Why all this? Well, I remember someone telling me that I must watch the ‘golden hour’ to witness the amazing colour changes in the sky. Here are some of the pictures taken at Marina using my basic camera.

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21 thoughts on “A Beach called Peace!

  1. Lovely pics! I had witnessed the sunrise in Kanyakumari, when I was young. But, in Chennai, my beach experiences were awful! So crowded and noisy… I can never enjoy the nature amidst man-made pollution. Have been to Thiruvanmyur at twilights, those were peaceful. But nothing was as remarkable as yours.


    1. Thanks a lot Villowspark. 🙂 Actually even I dislike going to crowded places esp beaches. That’s why I have always gone there early. I haven’t been to Kanyakumari but will add it to my ‘must see’ list. Thanks again.


  2. Hey varsh, though couldnt get to see the bright colors of early hours at beach me being in chennai for 2years got an opportunity through your mesemering clicks to see how really it looks like heaven as u mentioned..keep.going girl..


  3. Awesome pics and write up babe… i remember you asking me to come with you to the beach to click pics . I regret not going with you, amazing experience. Keep it up babe!

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  4. Wonderful pictures and write-up 🙂 The drive to the beach and listening to the sound of waves while watching the changing colours in the sky is just BLISS.
    Cherished memories! 🙂
    Awaiting our next visit😇💛

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