Shielding Shores

It’s the World Environment Day. And once again, I find myself worrying about how much our world has changed and how much of effort have we taken to make our world a wonderful place to live in. Frankly, I don’t see any difference. Just two days back, I watched the news of the London terrorist attack and today, besides the numerous debates on ‘Saving Earth’, I find my phone filled with forwards on ‘Saving Environment’, ‘Global Warming’ – basically everything synced with our environment. So the question I find myself asking now is – what is or what has been my contribution however small it may be in saving our environment? And just then, I thought of the Pulicat visit organised by my office in 2010.

As a key member of the Green Team in my office, we had a daunting task of finding an environment-based activity, which could involve everyone. It was then the team lead suggested Afforestation in Pulicat – a small seashore town located in the North of Chennai. It was one of the places affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and we had the opportunity to plant more than 150 coconut trees which would act as a Bioshield against high tides and tsunamis (across five villages situated in the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh borders.

Our day started at 6A.M. with a long drive to the venue followed by a quick stop for breakfast on the highway. On reaching the venue, we were first addressed by the local NGO on the developments till date and the future requirements. Soon, we walked to the place of action and commenced with the planting of coconut saplings (which looked more like a coconut) – right from the digging of the pit, mixing of manure, removal of rough hairs, planting the sapling, and finally watering it.

As the day ended, we were all exhausted and not to mention, tanned. We left the place with a positive work and thought to keep doing more of this in the future and saving a lot of green for our gen next.


4 thoughts on “Shielding Shores

  1. Nostalgic. It was an awesome day. Though we were tired by the end of the day the satisfaction we got out of planting numerous coconut trees was really really good.

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